Areas of Work

The Trust partners with local organizations throughout the hemisphere to provide vulnerable individuals with the professional and personal development opportunities they need to become self-sufficient through employment while working with governments and the private sector to promote economic and social inclusion.



Capacity Building

Strengthening of local, non-governmental organizations, community associations, media outlets and educational institutions is among our core objectives. This collaborative approach allows initiatives to be expanded upon and continued following The Trusts’ involvement.

Our signature capacity building curricula include live, online training sessions, followed by individualized technical assistance used to measure individual impact with participating organizations. The Trust implements closely supervised capacity building projects by distributing micro grants to various local organizations. The Trust’s capacity building approach also includes discussion of best practices, coalition and network building.  Our training modules address a series of nonprofit management skills, including project design, budgetary management, human resources, advocacy, reporting, and monitoring and evaluation practices.  To date, The Trust has provided comprehensive training to more than 500 organizations in 20 countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

With support from USAID and MSD Inc., The Trust recently published a guide for design and implementation of development projects and nonprofit management skills. The manual is available in Spanish at the following link: 

(The manual is available in Spanish)


Public-Private Partnerships & Corporate Social Responsibility

All Trust programs aim to build strong partnerships with the private sector stakeholders throughout the Americas. In this regard, we work closely with small businesses, large corporations and local chambers of commerce to design initiatives that respond to accordingly to varying community needs, such as training, employment, and economic opportunities for program participants. In collaboration with the OAS, The Trust also foments cooperation between the private and public sectors in addressing policy reforms related to free trade, labor protections, freedom of the press, and public transparency.

Each year, The Trust gives its Corporate Citizen of the Americas (CCA) Award to companies with outstanding CSR programs in Latin America and the Caribbean. The selection criteria require projects to be replicable, sustainable, and cost-effective, while performing measurable and tangible results.

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