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 Corporate Citizen of the Americas Award

The Trust for the Americas and the Organization of American States (OAS) are currently receiving applications for participation in the selection of the best corporate citizen of the Americas for 2012. The Corporate Citizen of the Americas Award 2012, will be awarded during the Trust’s 15th Anniversary Gala, “Because You Care, We Can”, to be held on Fall 2013, in Washington, D.C.

The private sector plays an increasingly important role in developing solutions to overcome poverty in communities throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. The Corporate Citizen of the Americas Award (CCA) promotes these efforts by formally recognizing a company that has initiated an innovative program which benefits the community in which it operates and can serve as a model for socially responsible practices.

For questions or information on the application process, please contact:

Luis Errecaborde: or (202)458-3154.

The 2013 Award Selection Committee will consider initiatives being implemented in Latin America or the Caribbean.

Initiatives must be in one of the following categories:

Vulnerable Communities: An initiative that seeks to empower vulnerable communities such as: youth at risk, children, persons with disabilities, indigenous, Afro-descendants, migrants, and female heads of household, among others.

Economic Opportunity: An initiative that has the primary goal of promoting economic opportunity for disadvantaged populations by means of providing employment opportunities and/or building micro-enterprises.

Citizen Security: Initiatives that foster public private partnerships aiming at more secure communities. Particularly, in zones impacted by conflict and violence through a preventive and participative approach.


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