The Board of Directives of the Trust for the Americas got together in the Dominican Republic and visited the POETA center CTC Villa Mella

On Monday, June  13th and Tuesday 14th, the members of the Board of the Trust for the Americas had a meeting in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic under the 46th General Assembly of the Organization of American States- OAS.

(Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, June 2016) In order to know the impact the Trust for the Americas’s initiatives have, representatives from the private and public sector of this region interacted and learned about the experience and achievements of the youth participating in the program DIA and POETA social franchise.

The Dominican businessman, Manuel de Jesús Estrella, founder and president of Grupo Estrella, hosted the event.

Two beneficiaries, 20 and 21 years old, born in Monterrey, Mexico, had the opportunity to share their innovative experience and their path as members of the Center of Innovation- DIA

Furthermore, the members of the board visited the POETA center CTC Villa Mella, where they met with 15 beneficiaries who graduated from the program, who shared their training process and the opportunities they had.

The Board of Directives meeting not only enriched the members’ trip by learning about the impact the Trust for the Americas’s projects has in the region, but also showed them the importance of the alliances between the public and private sector to promote development, social inclusion and the economy in Latin American and the Caribbean.

During the visit to the POETA center, the members of the Board learned about the project’s approach and demonstrated how the results contributed to the development of the region. Additionally, the work of the vice president of Dominican Republic, Margarita María Cedeño Lizardo, was highlighted because of her support, leadership and the commitment she has shown to the execution, continuity and growth of this initiative in her country.

The event, which lasted two days, used the dialogue to share experiences and knowledge to keep motivating the beneficiaries’ efforts as members of the project.

The Board of Directives of the Trust for the Americas is composed of high-level executives of multinationals companies and representatives of the OAS. Some of our allies are: MasterCard, CAF – development bank of Latin America –, Microsoft Corporation, Diageo, AES Corporation, Citibank, USAID, RCN/NTN24, Postobón, Portland Holdings, ENSE Group, Manatt Phelps and Phillips, United States Department of Labor, Secretariat of Public Education, Grupo Estrella of Dominican Republic, Ministry of Information Technology and Communication- ICT in Colombia, Vice-presidency of Dominican Republic, Office of the Deputy Minister for Political Affairs and Citizen Dialogue in Costa Rica, among others.





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