Our Partners

Our programs depend on the generosity of hundreds of organizations, from small local organizations to multinational companies. The Trust relies on support from the public sector, the private sector, multinational organizations and civil society. This support ranges from a company donating cash to fund a program to a small, local nonprofit donating space and volunteers for a program. We are grateful for all types of support which allow us to empower marginalized populations throughout the hemisphere. Our partners are listed partners below.

Local partners

The Trust’s initiatives are implemented through a network of local organizations in each country. These local partners include NGOs, community associations, educational institutions, media outlets, and governmental agencies. Partner institutions receive training, technical assistance and funding from The Trust, and generously extend program activities to benefit additional local residents. Moreover, local partners provide in-kind donations and additional resources which help The Trust to effectively invest funding from our institutional and corporate donors.

Our Donors

The Trust firmly believes in personal investment as a powerful tool for social change.  Donor involvement extends far beyond financial contributions, with donors contributing to our efforts in a variety of ways. They are members of our Board of Directors and support general operations, provide technical assistance to project design, offer government financing to community development programs, and help The Trust to foster key partnerships with individuals and corporations to ensure sustainable employment options to program participants. We are truly grateful for the support our donors provide us.


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